Recommended Tools for Home Renovation and Remodeling




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If you find yourself replacing plaster walls with drywall - this is the BEST tool to pull all those lath nails that get left behind.

Also good for pulling nails from pallets!

Trust me, you will save hours of frustration while pulling nails with this tool.

  Estwing Claw Nail Puller

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Every DIYer should have an oscillating tool. There are several good brands out there. The FEIN oscillating tool is way too expensive, so don't buy that one! We recommend buying a cordless tool that matches your existing kit. So if you have numerous DeWalt 20A cordless tools, you really should stick with a DeWalt oscillating tool. These cutters are amazing, you can get a precise cut in some tight situations, like door trim, hardwood floor cuts that are close to a wall (circular saws can only get so close), and even toilet flange screws.

  DeWalt Oscillating Tool

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If you do not have one or two cordless drills you should! Some people will argue you only need one cordless drill, but after having to swap bits in and out while pre-drilling and screwing composite decking - I learned how nice it is to have a second drill. Personally, I own three cordless drills and couldn't be happier about it!

  DeWalt 20V 1/2-Inch Cordless drill

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The Wonder Bar is a great tool. Helps with door installations (you can use it as a lever). If you need to pull drywall or plaster wall boards - THIS is the TOOL. Flooring and decking demolition may need a larger crowbar but you will be amazed at how strong this tool is. I have removed subflooring with only this wrecking bar and a 23-oz framing hammer.

  Edward Tools Wonder Bar


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