Shameless Plug for Ubuntu Desktop

What is it?  Ubuntu is a FREE (open source), easy-to-use, visual operating system that runs on any computer that Microsoft Windows can run on (i.e. not Macs).  It can be downloaded from

It is gaining popularity due to the fact that it is:

  • FREE
  • Easy to Use
  • Tons of FREE Applications that run on it


Why Mention Ubuntu on My Site?

First of all, I am a Microsoft Windows System Professional.  I have been involved with Microsoft Products (Desktop Operating Systems and Server Operating Systems) for over 25 years.

Why not plug Microsoft?   Being a computer professional, I get a LOT of questions from people regarding their home machines. 

  • What kind of PC should I buy?
  • What software should I buy?
  • How do I get on the Internet?
  • etc.

HERE'S WHY!  Since the release of Microsoft Windows 7, software prices are through the ROOF!

I recently visited a local office supply store and went to the shelf where the new Microsoft products were on display.



I must admit, that Microsoft Products are excellent.  And if you can afford $300 the first year and $99 per year thereafter on software (or if you are running a business where you can expense your software) it is still an excellent choice.

BUT - If you could find other uses for $300 (like me) you should take a look at Ubuntu Desktop with Open Office.  They are totally free.

OPEN OFFICE?  What is it?

1.  Word Processor - A decent word processor.  Can open/edit/change/save Microsoft Word documents.

2.  Spreadsheet - A decent spreadsheet.  Can open/edit/change/save Microsoft Excel documents.

3.  Presentation  - Can open/edit/change/save Microsoft PowerPoint documents.

4.  Database - The open office product currently does not support opening Microsoft Access databases in their native form.  Fortunately, you can export the data from Microsoft Access into MySQL - the open source database in Ubuntu (and Open Office).

With Ubuntu, you don't have to be a total Linux geek to reap the benefits of Open Source.  It is extremely easy to use.  Solutions to most of the issues that you will run into are just a Google search away.




Want to comment about Ubuntu?  Contact Jeff at "kowalke at kc2 dot com"



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